Making Local Wines Part of Your New Dining Experiences

December 22nd, 2014
One of the most popular trends in dining over the last several years has been the "localvore" movement. Basically put, it is a concerted effort for people to buy as much of their food from local producers. There are a number of benefits to this practice, but what many of these people don't know is that they can do the same thing with their wine as well. Read The Post [...]

A Basic Guide to Pork Cuts and Cooking Tips

December 5th, 2014
By Graham Brightwell If done correctly, pork could be one of the most gratifying meats to roast. Below are some guidelines to the 4 key pork cuts, including some helpful tips for roasting: Pork shoulder (or spare rib) This is a great and very affordable cut of pork that offers a lot of flavour. Just like with all other meat from the front end Read The Post [...]

Creating a Holiday Wine Cellar For Your Seasonal Soiree

November 26th, 2014
It's official. The ugly holiday sweater party has run its course. It was fun while it lasted, but nobody really wants to see the hideous design your Aunt Mabel created for you again this year. It's time to come up with a new theme for your holiday party, one that is different and engaging. Wine is becoming more popular with every year, and since it Read The Post [...]

Choosing Low Fat Meat

November 26th, 2014
By Graham Brightwell Meat is essential part of a balanced healthy diet, because it has protein and other vital vitamins the body requires to be strong and healthy. But some meat also have unnecessary cholesterol and fat, and the consumption of meat with such components could unfortunately clog the body with wastes and add inches to your waistline. So Read The Post [...]

Kitchen Designs 2014: Avoid These Four Mistakes

November 15th, 2014
By Jeremy Foxe The best kitchen designs can only be achieved by engaging the services of reputable designers. You can find such reputable designers through the Kitchen and Bathroom Designers Institute of Australia (KBDi). These designers will ensure that you avoid common mistakes that amateurs often make. 1. Lack Of A Uniform Theme We all know Read The Post [...]

Finding Your Way Around The Many Lands Of Wine Country

November 6th, 2014
By Jack Terry No matter what it is that you are looking to experience, whether it is a certain type of food, a particular style of architecture or art, or the perfect vacation, there is always going to be that one place that everyone says you have to go to have the best. These places become almost mythological the way people talk about them (even Read The Post [...]

The Best Knife Sets – Choosing The Right One For You!

October 14th, 2014
By Courtney Williams Are you considering a new knife set? There are so many choices; it is difficult to determine which is the best kitchen knife set for you and your budget. There are many affordable knife sets that will get you by when preparing the family meals but if you want to improve your culinary skills or are considering a culinary education Read The Post [...]

Ham Croquettes

October 14th, 2014
Copyright © 2014 Elena Martin Croquettes are a very common dish in Spanish cuisine, usually served as a tapa, but they can be a perfect starter too. They are small, creamy rolls filled with various ingredients (such as ham, chicken, beef, chorizo, tuna, cod, salmon, shrimps, octopus, cheese, mushrooms or spinach), coated in batter and then deep Read The Post [...]

How To Check Your Kitchen Range For Gas Leaks

September 25th, 2014
By Graham Brightwell The natural gas that makes your kitchen range work has no odour in its natural form. During the process of refining the gas, a chemical known as Mercaptan is added to the gas for it to have a distinctive odour for safety purposes. A gas leak could pose danger, but not all leaks emits gas in big quantities enough to be detected Read The Post [...]

Wonderful and Inexpensive Soups For Fall

September 17th, 2014
By Samantha Knowles Soup is one of the most versatile foods. It is especially perfect for the fall season. There are some old favorites that are delicious and well known. Then there are also some unique and less well-known soups to try. These new soups are wonderful to get cozy with when the weather begins to turn cool. Try some of these ideas when Read The Post [...]