Can Cooking Classes Make Me A Better Cook?

By Stephan Taeib

Are you eager to learn some basic cooking skills, or to improve your existing skills?

Are you interested in learning how to prepare exotic new cuisines, or trying something new like cake decorating? Then you might really enjoy–and benefit from– a cooking class.

If you grew up in a home where cooking wasn’t taught and you’re feeling clueless and uninspired, a basic cooking class can be a great way to get started. If you have basic cooking skills, but are looking to improve them, or learn a special skill such as bread baking or sushi making, a class can be an inspiring way to learn hands on.

You can learn from a master who’s right there to answer questions, share tips and techniques you might not find in a cookbook, and show you how it’s done right. You won’t need to waste time experimenting, looking things up, or having frustrating failures.

Another advantage to taking a live cooking class is that you can see, smell and taste the foods. You get to experience every step of the process. You can ask questions as they arise. Just how much should I brown it? How stiffly are the egg whites whipped?

Why are some things taken out of the oven before they’re completely cooked?

Even an accomplished cook can learn new techniques, skills, or cuisines. Without question, cooking classes can make anyone a better cook.

Perhaps you’d like to learn to prepare exotic cuisines but don’t have a clue. Maybe you’ve questioned just how authentic some recipes are. Taking a cooking class lets you experience first-hand the tastes and techniques of a new cuisine. Are you considering a career as a chef? When questioned, a number of professional chef said that experience working in a professional kitchen was more important than cooking school!

Cooking classes are available through private cooking schools, community colleges, and Rec & Ed, as well as some kitchen supply stores and artisanal food producers. Some farms offer on-farm cooking classes with farm-fresh ingredients. Some upscale grocery stores also offer cooking classes and demonstrations.

Online cooking classes can help too, especially if you’re a self-motivated learner. You can get memberships for online cooking classes that offer a huge variety of classes, skills, and cuisines. You can customize it so you’re just learning the skills you want.

There are also online tutorials to learn specific skills or cuisines, as well as DVD cooking classes. You can watch celebrity chefs create popular dishes, or discover how to prepare holiday favorites. Once you learn the basics of cake making or Thai cuisine, you can have fun and customize recipes to your own tastes.

The downside of learning through online classes or DVDs in that there’s not someone there to answer questions or help. So it’s important to pick a class that fits your learning style. Whatever type of class you decide on, there’s no doubt that cooking classes will definitely help you becomes a better cook.

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