Best Wine And Beef Pairings, Part 2

It can be quite worth your while to spend a little extra time, and maybe a little extra money to match your wine and food. Stew is meat, vegetables, and, spices slowly cooked in liquid. Why not use some of the wine that will accompany the meal? Because of their slow cooking, stews can be made with inexpensive cuts of meat. They still may be delicious. And you can ever reheat leftover stew whose flavors may continue to develop for a few days. The traditional wine pairings for Beef Stew are Beaujolais and Syrah. Other good choices include a Spanish Rioja, a Zinfandel, or a Malbec.

Beef Stroganoff is a Russian dish consisting of sauteed beef chunks with a sauce containing sour cream, mushrooms, and onions. It is freqquently made from strips of beef filet and served over rice or noodles. The classical wine pairings for Beef Stroganoff are Italian Barbera or Valpolicella. You might also try a French Beaujolais (go for a Beaujolais Villages or a Cru) or a Cotes du Rhone.

Beef Teriyaki comes from Japan. It consists of beef broiled or grilled in a sweet soy sauce marinade. It is often garnished with ginger and green onions. Be careful, the bottled Teriyaki sauce is generally not the real thing. The classic wine pairings for Beef Teriyaki are Chianti Classico and Zinfandel. You might also like a Beaujolais Villages or a Cru) or a Pinot Noir. We just want to saythe better the meat, the better the accompanying wine.

Filet Mignon (French for dainty fillet) is the most tender cut of meat. It tends to be quite pricey. It is usually grilled, broiled, pan fried, or roasted. It is often larded with bacon to increase the fat content. Please take my advice, enjoy this cut rare with a fine bottle of wine. Classical pairings include the Italian Chianti Classico and the French Hermitage. Despite my general affection for fine Italian wine, I would definitely prefer the Hermitage. You won’t go wrong with r a fine French Bordeaux wine or a high-quality Cabernet Sauvignon or Pinot Noir.

Flank Steak is cut from the belly of the cow. It is often used in a London Broil, a dish that doesn’t come from London. Flank steak is one of the less costly steaks. Because it is fairly tough it is often braised or marinated. It is often used in Chinese stir-frys. The classic pairings are the French Bandol or a Chianti. You might also select a Bordeaux wine or a Cabernet Sauvignon.

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