Choose A Wine To Go With Fish Dishes, Part I

It can be quite worthwhile to spend a little extra time, and perhaps a little extra money to match your wine and food. Large bass can be cut into steaks, and then baked, broiled or grilled. You can stuff thick steaks with slices of bacon, onions, tomatoes, green peppers, parsley, apples, and even cranberries and spice to taste. If you cook bass in wine, make sure to use a wine that is good enough to drink. And nothing beats fish that you caught yourself and cooked outdoors. Classic wine pairings for wine and bass include an Italian Soave (make sure to get a good one) and Viogner. Among the other good choices are a Sauvignon Blanc or a Chardonnay.

Blackened fish is a preparation of fish fillets or steaks. Contrary to popular belief, this cooking method is not associated with traditional Cajun cuisine but comes from the famous chef Paul Prudhomme. The fish pieces are coated with melted butter and covered with herbs and spices like thyme, oregano, chili pepper, peppercorns and salt. The fish is cooked in an extremely hot cast iron skillet. Classical wine pairings for blackened fish include Chenin Blanc, Pinot Blanc, and Riesling. Other good choices are a Sparkling wine or a Zinfandel.

Bouillabaisse originated in the French port city of Marseille. It is made from a wide variety of fish, seafood, and vegetables, and spices. Purists insist that this marvellous fish stew include scorpionfish (racasse in French). Each chef has his or her special recipe. Frankly, a bouillabaisse depends on the catch of the day. It is traditionally accompanied by rouille which is made from egg yolk, garlic, olive oil, and saffron. Can you make a genuine bouillabaisse at home? Most experts would say yes, but only if you live in or near Marseille. Now if you want to cook this fine dish the right way don’t add all the ingredients at once. First boil (bouillir) the broth then add the different kinds of fish one by one. Each time the broth comes to a boil, the heat is lowered (abaisser). Classic wine pairings for Bouillabaisse include the French Bandol Rose and the sparkling Spanish Cava. You might also consider a Muscadet de Sevres et Maine or a fine wine from Provence. When in doubt about which wine to accompany a tasty dish, a fine Italian wine is almost always a good choice. .

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