Which Wine Goes With Game Dishes, Part I

If you really want to get the best out of a special meal, it can be quite worthwhile for you to spend a little extra time and perhaps a little extra money to match your wine and food. Since you probably don’t have the chance to eat game very often, do not blindly grab any old bottle out of the wine cabinet.

Preparing game can really be a challenge. For example, you should never handle wild meat without wearing gloves. Each species has its own preparation rules. For most people, it’s simpler to frequent a restaurant that specializes in game, many of which are Central European. Enjoy! Classic wine pairings for game steak include that Italian king of wines, Barolo, red Bordeaux and red Burgundies, and Australian Shiraz. Among the other good choices are Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Spanish Tempranillo, or a Zinfandel.

European Hare is all dark meat, while American domestic Hare is all white meat. The Germans call Hare Stew and Rabbit Stew Hasenpfeffer; the French call Hare Stew Civet de Lievre and Rabbit Stew Civet de Lapin. Each chef has his or her special marinade. By the way, sometimes squirrel is substituted when hare is not available, especially in the American South. The traditional wine pairing for Hare Stew is California Cabernet Sauvignon. You might also consider an Italian Brunello di Montalcino. If you are going with a German recipe why not try a fine German wine such as a Riesling? If you are going to use French recipe why not try a fine French wine such as a Cabernet Franc from the Loire Valley?

Rabbit meat is a good protein source and is leaner than beef, pork, or chicken. It can be cooked in the same way that you would cook chicken meat. Domesticated rabbit tastes like chicken. They both accept a wide variety of sauces. Many people will take the sauce into consideration when choosing the accompanying wine. Among the classic wine pairings for rabbit are Bandol, considered the best wine from Provence, France, Cabernet Franc, Pinot Noir, and Riesling. Just in case you didn’t know, Riesling is white. Since the level of sweetness in Rieslings varies enormously, be careful to choose one that meets your requirements. You might be surprised at how well sweet, high-qualitiy Rieslings accompany fine dishes. You might also consider a white Roussanne or a Cabernet Sauvignon.

When you are in doubt about which wine to select to go with a tasty dish,. here is a rule of thumb. You rarely go wrong by choosing a fine Italian wine.

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