Indoor Electric Grill

Choices, choices, oh so many choices. If you’re reading this article, you’re probably trying to decide whether to buy an indoor electric grill or, if you are partially off the fence, what type of indoor electric grill to buy. Although it’s not a major purchase, you still want to waste your hard earned money on something that you will actually use. Yeah, I know you buy a gadget that sits on your kitchen counter, gets used every so often then eventually it makes its way to the storage closet. Then about a year later you find it sitting in your garage and you end up selling it at your once a year garage sale for 10 or maybe 20 bucks. Been there done that.

An indoor electric grill is rapidly becoming a household staple, almost as common as the toaster or the microwave oven. If the toaster or the microwave breaks, our first impulse is to go out and buy another one with little or no thought. Most small appliances are so inexpensive that it is not worth having it fixed. The cost of fixing it per hour is double the price of a new one. So why bother. On the flip side, an indoor electric grill may require a little more research before purchasing. There are so many different types of indoor electric grill that you have to really determine what you want to do now and in the long run. The other things you have to consider is the different varieties of cooking with the indoor electric grill. The first indoor electric grills were routinely purchased by someone that had limited cooking area like a University dorm, studio apartment, mobile home, or RV’S. Although they are still used for this purpose, they have come a long way with the different features available. And because of the ease of use, different options and healthy cooking method the indoor electric grill offers, it has now become a mainstay in the American household.

The makers of small and large appliances understand the consumer’s obsession with the indoor electric grill and have cashed in on it. Business is booming. The indoor electric grill is so versatile, that a panini sandwich is not the only thing you can make. When deciding, and buying, an indoor electric grill you actually have the option of preparing a complete meal with a small appliance. A meal worth bragging about.

Hello Cuisinart GR-4N 5-in-1 Griddler. The Cuisinart GR-4N 5-in-1 Griddler can be used as a Panini press and the removable plates can be flipped over to grill your meats. You can grill on one side and use the griddle on the other side. Or both sides can stay as a griddle or a grill, your choice. If you wanted to have steak, eggs, and pancakes for breakfast. No problem! Grill the T-bone steak on one side and make the pancakes and eggs of your choice on the griddle side. Each side has a separate temperature control. My daughters both have seafood allergies, but my wife and I love seafood. Lay the grill flat, put the grill plates up on both sides and one side has chicken and the other seafood with no contamination.

And clean-up is a breeze, snap out the plates and set them in the dishwasher. No concerns about having the electrical components soaked in soap and water.

Regardless of the indoor electric grill you decide to purchase, we hope you make the best decision that fits your needs, and it is something you will use on a regular basis.

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