The Home Cook Hates Food Preparation (And How To Solve The Food Preparation Problem)

If you are anything like me you are super busy and you hate preparing food. I am always looking for ways to chop and dice fast and easy.

Just recently I was chopping some apples for rustic apple pies and simply got bored with the whole process, silly me I ended up eating a quarter of what I should have been putting into the mixture (before it was chopped up). This made me think I had completed the job. Now that is reverse physiology for you.

Another problem for me is slicing onions for our BBQ’s. They always seem to be really chunky and it doesn’t look like I have done enough so I end up doing more than I need. Then of course I end up streaming with tears because not only am I devastated by the chunkiness of my onions but they really seem to be ridiculously aromatic.

There is no doubt cooking is fun but food preparation is a total bore. That is why you see all the restaurants have people who just prepare food. They are likely to be just employed to prepare so they have no choice if they want to keep their job. But if you watch them they are trained to be speedy and efficient, now that makes me really envious. Home cooks are just not efficient at preparing food.

One of the keys though to good food preparation is a very sharp knife. There is now doubt a sharp knife will make food preparation faster but also safer. A blunt knife will lead to pressing too hard on the knife and risks of slipping and extremely bad cuts. There are lots of good tools to sharpen your knives with if you cannot master the art of sharpening your knife with a classic butcher style knife sharpener.

I must confess I have a pet hate for cooking shows and how simple they make cooking. What they fail to do is show us the hideous amount of time required to prepare the food. They have somebody do it all for them and put it in little bowls for them to grab when needed. So when the presenter states it is simple it is simple when all you do is grab the ingredients and throw them together. Where are my little food preparation fairies when I need them?

Probably one of the best things to do is farm out the food preparation to your family, that is your kids and husband/wife. Kids think it is a bit of a game though giving them a sharp knife can be fraught with a bit of danger but if they cut themselves once they will know how to use the knife next time won’t they? Getting your wife/husband to prepare is easy, just bribe them, tell them they will never get to eat again if they don’t contribute. Then put your feet up whilst they get the job done and you can come in and finish off. Problem solved.

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