Simple Ways to Avoid Blocked Drains

By Johnathon Black

One of the best ways to prevent your drains from being clogged or blocked is by being very careful about the things you put into them. Pretty easy, isn’t? Coffee grounds, soap scum, and cooking grease are some of the drain’s biggest enemies. Make sure to avoid these items from going down your sink. Here are some tips on how to prevent clogged drains.

1. Put cooking grease in an old coffee or milk container. After that, dispose it in the trash.

2. Get rid of all your coffee grounds and throw them to the garbage or simply add them up onto your mulch pile.

3. Make use of a drain gate or screen in order to cover the opening of the drain and reduce the problems with regards to soap and hair scum. Consult your local plumbing supply store about the appropriate choices for your specific fixture. Bring with you a snapshot of your drain system in order to explain your needs a lot better. Most screens and filters can easily be laid in place.

4. Regularly clean your drain system. To let your drain system run freely and free from any unpleasant odour, consider these methods:

5. Let hot water run through the sink after use. Hot water helps the oils in food products to run down the drain easily, instead of having problems in the interior of those pipes, which leaves the drains sluggish and usually leads to drain clogging.

6. Apply a handful of baking soda onto your drain and put hot water after. Baking soda is known to be a terrific cleaning agent, and it also helps on absorbing the foul odours that are left on your pipes.

7. Pour a cup of vinegar through your drain system and leave it for about 30 minutes; then follow it with hot water. Vinegar is also known as a wonder cleaner. Vinegar contains acetic acid which serves as an amazing organic solvent that helps in removing the organic build-up of cruds in the pipes.

8. If drain clogging regularly happens to you, try this one. It usually works on drains in showers, sinks and tubs. You will need salt, vinegar, ½ cup of baking soda, and a couple of quarts of very hot water. Allow the solution to sit overnight for it gives more cleaning power then do the following:

9. For sinks that has garbage disposals, pour vinegar to an ice cube tray and top it off with water. Vinegar alone doesn’t freeze that well. Make sure that you label the ice cube tray – you don’t want any of your family members to suspect that vinegar mixture as ice. Turn on the disposal and throw all the ice cubes. Vinegar serves as a mild acid that will clean the disposal and the drain system while the ice literally freezes and rubs off the grease in its walls. You can squeeze a sliced lemon to your cube if you don’t like the scent of vinegar. Both your kitchen and your disposal will definitely smell great!

10. If all else fails, you can use chemical drain cleaners. Lye is an active ingredient in most drain system cleaners. It helps in letting hair and soap scum dissolve easily. You just have to simply pour some of it to the drain, pour in some boiling water, and let the chemical do the work. A small application of lye is absolutely safe. Though, too much application of it may cause a nasty effect. Drain cleaners aren’t safe when applied in large amounts. Always make sure to follow the instructions included in its label.

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