Christmas Table Decoration Ideas

Christmas is almost here and you may be thinking of ways to decorate your dinner table for Christmas. Try these simple yet fabulous ideas for Christmas centrepieces that will have your dinner guests go ‘wow’!

1. Candles and flowers in vases: Use an adhesive to attach artificial flowers to the bottom of a tall glass vase. Then fill the vase with inexpensive vase fillers (e.g., small glass balls, acrylic ice in red or green, water pearls) about three to four inches from the bottom. Fill the vase with water almost to the top and finish with colour-coordinated floating candles. Do this with three vases of varying heights.

2. Christmas lights and bells: Get some mini-LED string lights (battery-powered) and bunch them up in a tangled mess. Switch the lights on and place a glass bell or jar over them.

3. Tiered bowls: Grab serving bowls of varying sizes. Starting with the largest bowl, place the medium-sized bowl inside it, and finally, place the smallest bowl inside the medium one. Then, fill the exposed parts of each bowl with Christmas themed fillers like mistletoe, pine cones, holly leaves, baby’s breath, small tree ornaments, nuts, fir and berries. Fill the smallest bowl on top with decorative green and red ornaments.

4. Inverted wine glasses: Turn wine glasses upside down. Place a Christmas ornament or any decorative item such as a flower on pine cone inside the glass. You could also use vase fillers or artificial plants. Then, place a small tea light on the base of the glass (which would be on the top since the glass is inverted).

5. Cups of coffee beans: Fill small cups with coffee beans. Then, place a small votive candle in the cup. Not only does this look pretty, the warmth of the candle will gradually make your home smell like coffee! You can also fill a large candle holder with coffee beans about third of the way and then place a pillar candle inside the holder.

6. Christmas floral arrangement: Sometimes, it’s best to go traditional. Simply fill a boat shaped bowl with seasonal flowers (artificial or real) and pine cones. Complement this Christmas floral arrangement with colour-coordinated candles in various shapes and sizes. Whites, reds and greens will look the best.

7. Hurricane glass: Put a tall pillar candle inside a hurricane glass and place it on a large white serving tray. Surround this arrangement with glittery or reflective Christmas ornaments.

As you can see, Christmas centrepieces don’t need to be expensive to make a statement and enhance your home. Try some of the above table arrangement ideas when decorating and watch your home come alive this Christmas.
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