Why a Crepe Machine Could Be The Answer You Have Been Looking For

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So you have opened a hotel, it is successful, your room occupancy rate is high and the risk you took all those months ago is looking like it has paid off. So what do you do now? Resting on your laurels is not an option. You need to increase the profitability of you hotel and there are a number of ways to do this.

One of the easiest things to do and with one of the highest profit margins is a surprisingly simple idea. It won’t necessarily even cost you anything in financial outlay -great for the all-important cash flow. A crepe machine is a fantastic way to increase revenues and bump up those profits.

How Does it Work?

A reputable manufacturer can supply a professional quality crepe machine to you free of charge. Then, on the proviso that you buy the crepe ingredients from the supplier, the machine is yours to use and generate more income.

A high-quality crepe machine supplier should also provide you with high quality crepe ingredients. Just be sure to check the ingredients list on your crepe flour mix. Some suppliers use bleached flour, GM modified ingredients and all sorts of nasties that you wouldn’t necessarily want in a high-end hotel kitchen. Speak to a few suppliers and make sure that you understand what is going into the mix. If you wouldn’t sell GM or bleached products in your kitchen, you don’t want to start selling GM or bleached crepes. Once you’ve found a supplier you are happy with, you will find that even the highest quality ingredients should cost you relatively very little and with crepes in London costing in the region of £5 and above per crepe, you should quickly start turning pancakes into pounds!

Crepes have moved on from stodgy pancakes with lemon and sugar to divine, featherweight delicacies filled with all sorts of delicious ingredients. Savoury crepes can have fancy fillings including smoked salmon or caviar, or be simple ham and cheese “croque monsieur” inside a freshly made pancake. Sweet treats including marshmallows, warm chocolate spread or exotic fruits can be used to create exciting, luxury deserts.

The machines take up little space so you can add these to your kitchen or, for more visibility, shy not set up a crepe station in the lobby? There are few people in the world who can resist the smell of crepes being freshly made as they walk past.

If that hasn’t whet your appetite for a professional crepe machine, speak to your trusted supplier. They should offer full training for you and your staff and will be able to provide recipe ideas to suit every taste.

If you’d like to find out more about adding Crepe Machine revenues to your bottom line, speak to the experts at The Malted Waffle Company. Call 0121 308 6040 or visit http://www.waffles.co.uk today!

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