When Dull Food Simply Will Not Do

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You may be sitting at your desk at work or in your den at home. You are hungry. Really hungry. You do not want to cook and you do not want a silly delivered pizza. You want real food. You want something spicy and filling. Then the light bulb goes off. You really want a good Mexican restaurant! And one with good service. You do not want to wait a week for your order!

You want a Mexican Restaurant that has out-of-this word Margaritas that you and your friends can enjoy with chips and salsa while you make up your minds on what to order. It is great that you have chosen a place that serves Tex-Mex as well as traditional Mexican fare from the Yucatan and other well-known areas. You would be happy with a large order of nachos, tacos or fajitas, but maybe you will order something different this time that has an exotic and ethnic appeal.

As a guacamole lover you want anything that can be served with the spicy avocado mix. You like spicy but you are not big on jalapenos. This restaurant has so many dishes that have loads of spices but you have them hold little green dynamos that make your eyes water. This is the great Mexican restaurant that catered a special even at the office not long ago. They brought a menu with them so staffers could see their complete offering.

Maybe the tilapia combo would be good for dinner. If you remember correctly, it also came with three jumbo shrimp. But you are so hungry. Maybe that combo that had so many items combined in one dinner like baby back ribs and beef fajitas. How will you ever make up your mind?

If you begin with an appetizer like a spinach and cheese quesadillas or shrimp cocktail it will take the edge off your cravings until your dinner arrives. Then again you could have a cup of homemade tortilla soup. Your friends are all happy you have chosen a Mexican Restaurant because there is so much diversity on the menu everyone can order their favorite. What is really great about that is that the group can share with each other. Give a bite here another bite there and a friend can sample something new to order next time.

One of your friends ordered a Pineapple Habanero Margarita! You had never heard of it. This bountiful drink contains freshly squeezed lime juice with agave nectar, Hornitos Silver tequila, Cointreau, muddled pineapples and habanero peppers. Oh, wow! You are going to stick your regular Margarita because it is your all-time favorite.

When this meal at the Mexican Food Restaurant is over, you friends thank you for coming up with the idea. Now everyone plans to make it a regular Wednesday evening get-together and Wednesday night will officially become Mexican Food night.

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