Keep It Fresh By By Learning How To Store Tea

Switching your hot drink preference from coffee to tea is beneficial to your health. You still get the soothing warmth of sipping a hot beverage, but tea opens your palate to a world of flavor that coffee cannot offer. The anti-oxidants in tea slow down the aging process, according to popular wisdom. Less caffeine means staying hydrated longer. Because many snack cravings come from dehydration, drinking tea curbs overeating. Coffee keeps as long as necessary in virtually any container. Tea is sensitive to light, heat, air, and moisture. If you are going to drink it, you must learn how to store tea.

Tea comes in two forms: You can buy bulk or bagged. From the time tea is cured it has a shelf life of up to one year. One of the unknowns is how long the tea was stored before the time of purchase, but storing it properly will help maintain the flavor and aroma. Remember not to mix different types of tea. Maintain the purity by providing a dedicated storage container for each of your favorite flavors.

Glass Containers

Glass containers with tight lids are fine; just remember that tea is sensitive to light. Ultraviolet (UV) rays age the tea, so store it in the dark. Choose the cabinet that is farthest from both the stove and dishwasher. It is best to purchase tea that is not in a glass container; it may have degraded due to exposure to UV rays before coming into your possession.

Ceramic Jars

Ceramic protects the tea from heat and light. Many come with a lid and gasket that you can latch tight. These keep tea from the air. This is the perfect container; all you have to do now is keep it away from humidity and heat.

Paper Bags

It is common to purchase tea in paper bags, especially when buying in bulk. Paper is not airtight, and it is vulnerable to humidity. However, it is also capable of absorbing moisture. Kept in a dry, dark place, paper works well. Just buy tea in small quantities that you intend to consume within a week or two at the most.


Some teas come in designer tins. Tin protects the tea from the effects of UV rays and it is easy to keep air and humidity out. Store it in a cool dry place.


There are several wooden containers on the market. They are made specifically for the purpose. Lids seal tightly and the wood is thick enough to provide insulation. There are some attractive designs available.

A word of warning: Trying tea leads to loving it. Drinking it is delicious and healthy. Learn how to store tea before going out to buy some. You will enjoy it until it’s gone.

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