What’s Better? Store Bought Broth, Homemade Stock Or Professional Soup Base?

By David Sievers

If you’re making soup, you usually start with either stock or broth. But most home cooks will agree that these are not quite the same. Some prefer store-bought broth and others like the homemade stock better. But do you know what great cooks do nowadays? They use professional soup bases! This is the latest trend in making delicious and tasty cooking.

Broth is created by the boiling of vegetables and meat, without bones in water. Homemade stock is created by boiling the bones, meat and vegetables. As you can see, they have similar ingredients but they aren’t quite the same. So it is easy to understand that the end result would be different. And the soup you would create would then be quite different as well.

Those who make homemade stock will know that it has more nutrition in it, it is much better for you than the broth is. So right from the start, your soup has healthier ingredients. When you make your own stock, it costs twice as much to buy it in the store as it does than to cook your own.

This is where professional soup bases come in. Soup bases win over both store-bought broth and homemade stock in a way that it is made by better methods than how homemade stock is done. Soup bases are made from premium high quality meat, poultry, seafood or vegetables that are freshly cooked, just like homemade stock, but technically advanced specially customized equipment is used to capture and retain the entire fresh flavor. Minimal amount of salt is added for preservation and flavoring but it does not contain any artificial flavors, colors or chemicals preservatives.

One of the biggest arguments for store bought stock is the convenience factor. While some would argue that although cooking homemade stock takes time, it is still worth it because it is simply delicious. If you are making soup and use homemade stock, you truly can tell the difference.

With professional soup bases providing the same natural taste as homemade stock, it can also last over 1 year as long as it is properly refrigerated and stored. Soup bases can also be stored in the freezer to extend shelf life. Bringing out the time savings, big cost savings (averages about 60 cents per quart) and longevity of product once opened, it is no wonder why professional cooks and home buddies around the country are catching up on this trend. Another plus is, that if you need just a cup of broth for a recipe, you make just 1 cup. Even the amount of space it takes to store in small containers adds to its practical convenience for anyone working in the kitchen. A container about the size of a sour cream container will yield up to 5 gallons of stock. Many home made and store bought stocks will last only about 2 weeks in the refrigerator. When using soup bases you won’t have leftovers to store.

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