Cabinet Refacing Makes Your Kitchen Look Brand New

Cabinet refacing is good for making your kitchen look brand new. The kitchen is certainly the busiest room in any home.

Aside from your family, guests will also come to the kitchen occasionally. One of the most notable features of a kitchen is the kitchen cabinets as they give the kitchen first impression.

Therefore, the kitchen cabinets must always be in perfect condition. One doesn’t need to spend so much to replace the cabinet. Cabinet refacing do it yourself offer a cheaper and more effective choice than cabinet replacement. Here are some tips on how to reface the cabinet on your own.

For a gorgeous kitchen, match the kitchen walls with the cabinets. If your budget is a bit flexible, use veneers, which is basically a thin layer of stone or wood. Wood veneers are durable and attractive. The best part about veneers is that they can suit DIY projects. Just remove the sheet protective backing, put it on the surface and apply a little pressure. Ensure there aren’t any air bubbles in between the surface and veneer sheet.

To accentuate your doors, use veneer edge banding to complement the veneer laminates; another suitable option. There are a variety of colorful laminates to choose from. Mix-n-match colors make the kitchen look great.

If the cabinets don’t reach the ceiling, use moldings made from pine, MDF or oak. Pine is very costly but elegant. Oak is the ideal option in areas which may get stained easily. It is easy to clean plane moldings than those with carvings and curves; hence you should opt for them. Crown moldings enhance the aesthetic value of the cabinet.

When it comes to refacing the drawers, determine the material size you’ll use, like laminates or veneer. One needs nails and glue. After cutting the desired shape out, stick onto the drawers and then hammer some nails for the laminates not to fall off. Don’t allow air between the surfaces.

When working on the drawers, the first important tool is the screwdriver. Others are bolts and nuts. In order to have a smooth job, get all the required tools and equipment first. To get the right shapes and sizes of the laminate cuttings and moldings, use a high quality saw.

Cabinet refacing projects are very easy as long as you lay out a time plan and budget well in advance. Organization is very important in everything you do. Hence, organize everything carefully and neatly. Be careful when you are making your purchases.


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