Meal-Planning Apps and Websites That Will Make Dinner Easier

By Tahni Segars

Dinnertime can be stressful for many families. Without much time for menu planning, trips to the grocery store and shopping lists, these websites and apps can help plan your family’s meals and save some time and money along the way.

Food on the table

With more than 11,000 recipes to choose from, Food on the Table is a great service that lets you plan an unlimited number of meals each week. To get started, you sign up online and choose the grocery stores you shop at most. The service will provide a list of what’s on sale at those stores every week and give you recipes and an organized grocery list to get it all together. You can print the list or pull it up on a smartphone while you’re perusing the aisles. This service charges about $9.95 a month but boasts a monthly savings of at least $40.

Say Mmm

This site also offers easy meal plans and organized shopping lists. You can browse thousands of recipes by keyword, category, ingredients and more. Say Mmm has a meal-planning calendar, smart grocery list, recipe organizer and smart phone capabilities all for free.


Supercook is great if you’re digging through the pantry and left clueless deciding what to prepare. Enter in the ingredients you have on hand, and Supercook will pull up recipes you can make with those items. Avoid last-minute trips to the store and make do with what you have. You can create an account for free.

Once A Month Mom

This program is unique and perfect for those juggling ballgames, dentist appointments and scout meetings each day. Once A Month Mom helps you plan and freeze a month’s worth of food for your whole family. The idea is that once a month you spend a whole day cooking and preparing meals for the month ahead and then storing them in the freezer until you’re ready to use them. The site offers menus for traditional, paleo, whole foods, gluten/dairy-free, baby and vegetarian diets. The service costs $8 a month or $72 a year but offers 1,000 freezable recipes for free.


Create a free, customizable online shopping list at It can be updated by email, text message or on the Web so you can add items whenever you remember them. The service has an extensive meal-planning database that will update your grocery list with all the necessary items automatically. Ziplist has free apps for your mobile devices, too.

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