Eat In The Chinese Style

By Tom Gates

Like eating those yummy noodles? Eat it with wooden chopsticks! Enjoy it the Chinese way! Chopsticks are originally used by the people of the Mongoloid race i.e. the Chinese, the Vietnamese, the Koreans and the Japanese. Blunt chopsticks are used by Chinese and chopsticks with pointed ends are used by the Japanese. Use of chopsticks is not restricted to any particular region anymore. Now you are living in a world that is truly globalised. Nowadays chopsticks are used by the people of almost every country that you can see on the map. It has certainly gained huge popularity.

There have been metal and wooden chopsticks ever since the ancient times. Nowadays stainless steel is used as it is easy to clean and maintain. Bamboo is also used to make a chopstick. Nowadays, chopsticks are also made out of plastic. Wood is preferred to plastic because as you are aware, plastic is not healthy. If you are eating something hot, plastic very easily melts in the heat and tends to mix with the food. Even a top quality plastic melts slightly and mixes with the food. Consumption of plastic can lead to serious illnesses like cancer in the long run. Plastic chopsticks not just harm your health but also the health of the environment.

Compared to all other materials, wood has a lot of advantages. You can proudly own wooden chopsticks for all these reasons. Wood does not melt if it is used for eating something hot. It will not mix with your food and enter your body. In fact, you should not care if it enters your body. Even if it enters your body it will not lead to any serious illness. It is natural and it does not harm your health in anyway. Both plastic and metal chopsticks tend to slip too much in the hands and are difficult to use. It is for the experts. On the other hand, wood is not slippery, you get a good grip and therefore easy to use. Wood is preferred by the beginners and kids would definitely like using wood. Thus, wood has many good reasons for its use to be encouraged.

Chopsticks are not used only for eating food. Lengthier chopsticks are also used for cooking and serving food. Wooden chopsticks are decorated by painting and designs. Kids would love to eat on a decorated chopstick. Have a nice time eating using a chopstick.

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