Treat Yourself To A Kitchen Splurge

By Christine George

A kitchen update can be one of the most satisfying things you can do to increase the value of your home and make a satisfying living space. If you enjoy cooking and entertaining, the kitchen is an area of your home that you probably spend a great deal of time in. Short of a total budget breaking renovation, there are many kitchen decorating ideas that can change the look and feel of your kitchen and be gentle on the wallet at the same time. One of the easiest things to change that can make a dramatic difference in appearance and mood is lighting. You can add character with vintage lights, spice things up with interesting imports or go sophisticated with modern lighting solutions. Whatever your choice, let it lead the way for the rest of the look.

Some great kitchen decorating ideas are built around how you can accent different areas when you add a vibrant pop of color. It’s like adding a particular spice to a dish, it stands out and is distinctive but needs the rest of the ingredients to make it all work. Your kitchen accessories should work the same way. If you have a particular theme, using accents associated with that theme can be just the touch a certain corner or nook needs. If you are using southwest colors for instance, incorporating some blown glass vases filled with colorful peppers can spice up any area beautifully. Use rich colors to highlight areas that are nondescript or that you treat as functional only and that will complement the rest of the colors in the kitchen to give you a space that sings.

Kitchen decorating ideas that incorporate the tools for cooking can create a great look when you have high quality pots and pans and beautiful dishes. You can make pans of copper beautiful with stunning artwork in the form of a hanging pan rack that can look like a sculpture if done well. It can be exciting to mix functional with beautiful and you will surprise yourself with the results. Display your brightly colored ceramic bowls filled with fresh fruit or vegetables to add color and show off beautiful food as decorative items. Don’t be afraid to mix different materials to create a one of a kind design of your own making to give you the most satisfying results. It’s your space to be creative with and you can pull out all the stops to make it uniquely your own.

Each room in your home should make you feel at home and express your personality and at Global Home Accents it is our aim to help you achieve that. So get creative and do not be afraid to mix and match different styles and items of decor to create your own personal “Fusion Decor” to make your home truly reflect you.

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