Handleless Kitchens – The Perfect Example of Quality Meets Design

The kitchen favoured by architects and interior designers, Handleless Kitchens remain one of the most popular in our collection thanks to the uncomplicated yet sophisticated styling, sleek appearance and convenience of use. A design that has been around since the 1960s, Handleless Kitchens are by no means ‘new’, but advances in manufacturing techniques and design methodology means that these kitchens are now more functional and practical than ever before, and they are available with a range of different operating systems to complement every lifestyle.

Quality retailers and manufacturers are constantly update their handleless Kitchen collection with the latest hinge mechanisms and door operating systems to bring you the latest in kitchen design, and we now offer a considerable range of handleless styles such as the J-Groove door, the C-Rail, Push-to-Open, Inset Handles and the use of over sized doors.

Getting to Grips with Handleless Kitchen Doors
When Handleless Kitchens first made their way onto the market some 50 years ago, the door options were limited and the closing mechanisms were fragile, but today, handleless Kitchens are available in just about any colour and style you desire, the operational systems are first-class, and as such, the possibilities for interior design are endless. The J-Groove handleless Kitchen Door remains a firm customer favourite due to its ease of use, and the super streamlined effect it creates. As the name would suggest, these doors feature a J-shaped groove along the top. C-Rail or J-Rail handleless Kitchen Doors have a real designer feel, and as they are available in a variety of matching and contrasting shades. The C-rail can be painted to match your handleless doors, or contrasted with your worktops to create a visually stunning masterpiece.

We invite you to get creative with one of our highly trained Kitchen Designers and create your dream kitchen. Current favourites include a monochrome mix of black on white and contrasting shades of on-trend grey. If you are looking for a contemporary architectural-style handleless kitchen, Inset Handles, whereby a slot is shaped into the door and painted in a matching/contrasting shade or lined with a metal insert, will help you achieve your objective. Very popular for modern minimalist kitchen builds, inset handles work exceptionally well with all handleless kitchen styles, and allow you to create your kitchen – your way. Push-to-open (or press-to-operate) handleless Kitchen doors create a sleek, symmetrical and streamlined effect and are therefore ideal for smaller galley-style kitchens.

A hands-free option, push-to-open handleless kitchens are safe, convenient and hygienically sound, making them a smart choice for family kitchens and busy lifestyles. Whichever type of handleless kitchen doors you choose, you can be confident that you are getting the most advanced operational system available, and that your doors and drawers will close silently and effortlessly for years to come.

When it comes to listing the benefits of a handleless Kitchen, the list is a long one, but whether you are looking for a visually impressive kitchen, a practical wipe-clean-and-go kitchen, or a designer inspired cooking space, then handleless kitchens can be the right choice for you and with a fully functional handleless kitchen, it is something that you will enjoy for years to come.

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  1. IJW Complete Project Services Says:

    Handleless Kitchen Doors are such a modern feature in kitchen’s nowadays, they look brilliant and sort of have a futuristic feeling about them lol. Would definitely recommend them to anyone.