Modern Kitchen Area Design, Traits And Replacement Kitchen Doors

When trying to market your property, your new kitchen would be the contrast between a trade or fall off. With the contemporary fad in do it yourself, replacement kitchen doors can be frequently ignored as a short means of sprucing up your kitchen area. When it comes down to all the must haves with regards to kitchen decor, no matter whether you’re attempting to purchase or deliberating on redesigning, there exists many things everyone would like from their kitchen space:

– Quite a bit of storage space for cooking food and storage

– A layout that is economical and convenient-to-use

– A style which displays personality and matches with the design and decor of the remainder of the house

– A durable and sturdy cooking area of which will sit the test of time – many people avoid remodelling for decades

The Hottest Kitchen Trends for 2013

Minimalist kitchen areas are very prevalent for 2013 with smooth, square cupboard doors, extra-long work surfaces and exposed shelves all being the trend. Appliances are concealed in cabinets to give a flowing feel and clever storage methods like pull out larders and carousel cupboards are being incorporated to increase space.

Colours and Finishes

Gloss doors and door panels are extremely popular right now, in white, wood finish or bold and bright jewel colours. Interior designers getting in on this trend make sure that glossy doors work by carefully choosing accent colours for walls and other areas that complement the chosen replacement kitchen doors. Honey tones with natural wood finish cupboards put a modern twist on the traditional country kitchen whilst bold oranges, greens and yellows are the order of the day in contemporary spaces.

Pattern and print has progressed from kitchen blinds onto cupboards, tiles and splashbacks. More complex design types are now being utilised to bring a more fluid organic feel to your modern kitchen. Including pattern in your kitchen is a great way to warm up a minimalist colour scheme.

Work Surfaces

Milled stone worktops are being set up in the greatest high end of kitchen areas the 2013 season but you can easily achieve the similar look for a portion of the price with acrylic or reconstituted stone workbenches. Rock works attractively with all-natural, clean colour schemes


This years must-have essentials include:

Big geometric metallic cupboard handles

Hidden recess cupboards with no handles

Brightly coloured or patterned appliances like kettles and toasters

Therefore if you’re about to start on a kitchen renovation have a go at one of the top trends of 2013 to ensure your new kitchen keeps up with the latest fashions whilst still looking magnificent in seasons to come.

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