DIY Kitchen Designs That Are Not Heavy On The Pocket

By Chris D’souza

Adding style, pizzaz and opulence to your home is something that doesn’t require you to hire an exorbitant interior decorator. In fact, simple tweaking and utilizing available resources can give the same high-end feel that an expert aesthetician can. The following kitchen d├ęcor ideas are not only affordable; they can add a ton of style to your kitchen too.

1. Eye-Catching Countertops

For countertops, you can get as many options as there are spices in your kitchen i.e. uncountable. Put a bar of cost and your choices will be shrunk to only a few. Among these, only a wooden countertop can resurrect a plain kitchen. Even in wooden designs, you can have choices. The benefit of installing these surfaces is that they are easy to replace and last for longer.

2. Install A Tin Tile Blacksplash

This redo is certainly the best and assures your kitchen’s makeover in less than $100. It’s highlight being the reflective surface that keeps the room bright and convenient cleaning. Besides, tin tile can get absorbed in almost any kitchen setting without fuss.

3. Replace Faucets

Replacing an old, rusty faucet is the right idea to get the shine back into your kitchen. They come in many styles, colors and designs and do more than just a decoration piece; they help get your work done swift. For a DIY approach, just stop the water flowing through the line and replace the faucet.

4. Utilize Space To The Fullest

If you have ample space above your working station, you can install some shelves there and put kitchen accessories on them. Not only will it look trendy, it will also give you more space to house your cluttered accessories.

5. Let The Walls Be Visible

Shelves can disguise your beautiful walls. However, if you use open shelves instead of a closed one, you can get commendable remarks on the pattern you have chosen for your walls which is visible behind the dishes. Also, they are easy to clean and reassure that you don’t have to look up for things lost in the closed cabinets for like half an hour when you need them immediately.

6. Add Treasures

Treasures like an old French wooden coffee table or a side table are found in abundance in the used-furniture-shops. Bring it home, fix it, repaint it and here you have a vintage piece in your kitchen to add a classy touch to it.

The author, Chris D’souza, is an aesthetician with rich taste in kitchen interior. His DIY kitchen designs have been published in several famous home decorating magazines. A bunch of his exotic ideas on the said specialty can be accessed here


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