Understanding The Difference Between A Low Fat Deep Fryer And A Deep Fat Fryer

By Jose Smith

When it comes to deep frying, poultry, turkey and also potatoes are among the items that can be cooked in this particular cooking process. While these food items can be purchased already cooked in restaurants, some people still love to prepare them in their own kitchen. Nonetheless, deep frying in hot oil comes with dangers so it’s necessary for house owners to understand the process. When they don’t deep fry their food within the safe heat, it’s likely that they’ll get foodborne illnesses. Moreover, deep frying will affect their health because this involves the use of oils which could contain bad fats. But the good news is that a low fat deep fryer can be availed as a better option.

What exactly is Deep Fat Frying?

This is a cooking method that could be utilized for cooking foods such as French fries, fried chicken and also potato chips. Deep fat frying uses a lot of oil. In this procedure, food is being immersed in very hot oil until a good internal temperature will be reached. If a person cooks the food in the right way, he will produce hot and crispy food on the outside and smooth on the inside. This specific cooking process can be done instantly and if done right, it will kill bacteria.

While deep fat frying is quite a simple procedure, there are strategies involved. This method is aimed at allowing the oil to become hot enough so that it can sear the exterior part of the food without entering into its inside layers. With this, the food may steam thoroughly as the encircling oil heats the food’s water. Immediately after the process, the food must be drained using a slotted pot or paper towel to allow excess oil to flow and lessen the grease in the food.

The Risks of Deep Frying

It’s likely for the oil utilized in deep frying to achieve a temperature of more than 400 degrees Fahrenheit. If an individual cooks in this specific temperature, he needs to take safety precautions so that he will not burn himself or begin a fire. Just like other oils, oil is quite flammable. The oil must be in contact with flames. Due to this risk, it is preferable for every house to have a fire extinguisher particularly when they deep fry. Basic safety can also be assured by utilizing a thermometer and putting screens to prevent the splashback.

Additionally, deep-friend food items have fatty content that isn’t best for the health. In several restaurants, these food types contain trans fats and as most of these businesses coat their deep fried foods with batter, the food items can absorb more fat. High fat content suggests high calorie content which will make it possible for someone to have more calories within his body and possibly gain weight. The deep-fried foods’ trans fat and saturated fats will make it riskier for individuals to have high cholesterol and cardiovascular disease. Indeed, they are also at risk of becoming overweight or having cancers. These kinds of foods will probably have the carcinogen acrylamide.

Making a Healthy Option by Utilizing a Low Fat Deep Fryer

This procedure is made possible through the use of a low fat deep fryer which doesn’t employ a lot of oil. In fact, some of this type may use as little as a spoon of oil while others don’t even utilize oil since they use convection heat or the fat found in foods. While people will immerse their food in hot oil when deep fat frying, they utilize halogen technology and a small amount of oil for flavor and crispiness when they’re low fat frying. The option of low fat deep fryers would depend on the amount of oil to be used in a unit. Most of these fryers even have fan assisted halogen heat component and rotational paddle that also does the function of a rotary basket utilized in deep fat fryers. In addition, while deep fat fryers are said to minimize about 50 percent of fat with rotary baskets, low fat dryers can minimize eighty percent of fat.

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