Futuristic Kitchen Decorating Ideas

By Chris D’souza

Today, kitchen is just more than a cooking place. People cook there, eat there and this way it becomes a high traffic area in any home. And when herds of people are visiting your kitchen, you certainly want them to get impressed with not only your cooking but also by your rich taste. Mentioned below are some amazing kitchen decorating ideas that you can consider when contemplating a redo to get admiration.

1. Ultramodern Kitchen
This futuristic kitchen idea was put forwarded by an automobile designing company with an aviation-inspired huge workstation made of Acropolis – a mixture of stainless steel and aluminium that is regenerated from used aircrafts. The workstation has a deep sink, a pair of electric burners, a beautiful countertop and a spacious cabinet. Right in front of this airy workstation you can place a dishwasher, microwave and an oven.

2. Expanded Kitchen
If your kitchen is not large enough to accommodate a seating arrangement or a dining table, you can arrange the same in the space outside the kitchen. Then again, here you can use stainless steel and shiny aluminium to make it look like an expansion of the ultramodern kitchen. Windows in this area can keep the room lighted and airy.

3. Well-Lit Kitchen
A kitchen with a heavy onyx countertop lighted with an opulent light does not require any other art work. This is an exemplary example stating that the simpler it is the better. An airy cooking space with a central shelf for show casing your stylish coffee cups and other classy accessories can envy others of the enjoyment you get while cooking here.

4. Rustic Kitchen
Have you ever seen a huge cedar tree in the centre of the kitchen with small bulbs attached to its extensive branches? Does it not sound an amazing idea? It certainly does. The best thing about this setting is that the exhaust panel and electrical outlet, that look quite awkward but still are an integral requirement of the kitchen, can be hid under moveable granite. All this kitchen needs now is a cutting board, an oven and a large sink by the window that gives an exhilarating lake view while you are doing the dishes to make your kitchen fabulous.

Bear in mind that a kitchen redesign is something you cannot afford every day. Therefore, think strategically and prefer futuristic designs over traditional ones so that they can recoup its cost over the years sans major changes.

The author, Chris D’souza, is an aesthetician with rich taste in kitchen interior. His DIY kitchen designs have been published in several famous home decorating magazines. A bunch of his exotic ideas on the said specialty can be accessed here http://www.kitchenidease.com/


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