How to BBQ Pork Loin – Low and Slow Smoke for Tender Delightful Pork

By Jess E Hooper

When learning how to BBQ pork loin on the grill, additional care is required because this cut of pork is usually lean and can dry out very quickly if not grilled properly. While cooking low and slow can be carried out, you will need to understand the specific needs of the pork loin, otherwise you could end up with pork that is considerably drier than you wished. Smoking pork loin is much the same as smoking any sort of pork, the key to keep it from drying out lies in the method that you get it ready and just how long you grill it.

Tips on how to Prepare a Pork Loin for Smoking

The majority of cuts of pork make use of a dry rub the evening prior too cooking, however this has a tendency to draw moisture from the pork. This is acceptable for fattier cuts of pork however for a pork loin you should do exactly the reverse. Instead of a rub, try brining a pork loin the night just before you smoke it. An effective brine is made of a cup of salt along with a gallon of water, however there are brine recipes around that will make use of brown sugar and apple juice to add flavor to your loin. Brining helps the pork in absorbing water, meaning a moister more delicious meat.

When you are prepared to Barbecue your pork loin you can include your specific rub if you want. While you are going to grill your pork loin low and slow and basically smoke it lots of cooks will recommend that you sear these pork loins just before you switch the heat lower and cook them slow. Searing seals in juices as well as helps to keep the pork from drying out.

How to BBQ Pork Loin

Like most pork you’ll want to keep the temp of your barbeque or smoker down at 225 degrees F, if you are using a charcoal grill this can be accomplished by shifting the hot coals mostly to the midsection or one side of your bbq. You need to grill your pork loin with indirect heating only at this point. You should baste your pork loin each half hour and also keep the cover on your grill down. This should permit your pork loin to cook low and slow.

A final technique to learning how to BBQ pork loin so it will be juicy as well as moist is to pull your pork when it reaches 140 to 145 and then let it rest. The pork will finish cooking alone and will be moist and brimming with taste.

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