Apartment Decorating Ideas for the Small Kitchen

By Chris D’souza

If you are looking for apartment decorating ideas for a small kitchen then you of course must have limited space in your kitchen and therefore you are looking for ways that will provide your kitchen with space. Fitting furniture, cabinets and pots and pans in a kitchen with a limited space is challenging and there is absolutely no question about it. The one thing that you have to bear in mind with any kitchen is that you have to have a wide storage space, so that you can put away all your appliances for a cleaner kitchen.

First of all, the best way you can achieve a spacious kitchen is if you have a little island in it. This island will be your cooking area and so it will give you a lot of additional space for the storage. However, if you think that you cannot fit the island in the kitchen, you can always go for a kitchen with galley fashion which is basically a cooking range surrounded by kitchen cabinets. If you are opting for this style, you will have the kitchen cabinets on top and on both sides of your stove. This kind of design will also make it easier for you to work as everything will be available to you in arms length.

Also, apart from the other apartment decorating ideas that you can use, there is the one where you can use the ceiling for hanging pots and pans. Just purchase a strong enough rack and you will probably be able to make enough space in the kitchen just by doing this very simple act. This simple technique will also help you add a little bit of personality to your kitchen.

When you are working with a small kitchen, you need to ensure that the cabinets are deep in as this will provide you with more storage space. Along with this, you should also consider having big cabinets that reach the ceiling as these will help to make space as well. Use this particular cabinet for storing things that you don’t use often or take out only on special occasions.

Another important feature in any small space are the colors that you using. The one thing that you always have to remember is to always use light pastel colors in your small kitchen because it will make it look spacious and open. If you find light colors boring or dull then you can always mix them up with interesting cabinet handles or pulls or even go for some dark colored stripes etc.

The final thing that you need to consider in your small kitchen is the sink that you are going to be placing in it. Opt for a sink that is deep but not to wide in matters of length as it will then take up a lot of space.

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