Some Inspiration For Kitchen Backsplashes

The kitchen is one of the more traffic-heavy locations of the home. How many times has somebody been cooking in your household and another family member would walk by only to be scolded and told to “get out of the way” because they were blocking the appliances or a cabinet? Honestly, with such a busy environment the least you can do is make it look nice. You can do this simply by adding interesting kitchen backsplash tile behind a sink and around the countertops.

You have a wide variety of materials from which to choose so it ultimately comes down to your personal taste and what works the best with the rest of your d├ęcor. Bronze and glass tiles look great with medium and dark wood-stained cabinetry. In fact, you might even want to consider mosaic tile patterns if you have a very plain wall color or solid color countertop because it will not only add dimension to the room, it will add interest to that particular space. Metal tiles look great with the super sleek modern stainless steel appliances– as do ceramics. They have a very sanitary appeal, much like you would see in the sci-fi movies of yesteryear.

Rustic and country kitchen spaces can have a mixture of tile types. Try making some unique design using glass, metal and marble. Or maybe mix solids with shimmering designs for a dramatic effect. There is no reason you cannot mix and match ideas if you’re undecided. As long as you follow the color palette then you really will not go too wrong. Also, sometimes reflective squares will give an illusion of a bigger space, making any cramped kitchen appear less so. Solids are more definitive.

Another cool idea is to use a mural as the backsplash and group tiles together around it to create a border. Give the illusion of a window or an out country vineyard scene. Having a painting as decoration is just as beautiful as having an all-tile design. Nobody said you had to choose one element of kitchen design and ignore others, after all. The goal is to allow them to blend well together.

There is so much versatility with these design approaches. The more out-of-the-box you think, the greater the chances of you finding a good combination. Always feel free to sketch out an idea before implementing it in your kitchen renovations. Repeating patterns are encouraged for any mixing of colors or change in materials. is an online retailer specializing in glass mosaic tiles for the home. Whether you need kitchen backsplash tile or tile grout, you can find exactly what you need to spruce up your home.

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