Sweets and Treats For All Occasions

by Loren Yadeski

lemon cake

Everybody loves freshly baked goodies. You won’t be wrong in giving them as gifts for any occasion. They come in infinite flavors and varieties that choosing which one to give can be a very confusing but delectably enjoyable experience. And if you enjoy choosing which ones to give, you can just imagine how happy the recipient of your gifts will be.

You can choose from different varieties of cookies, brownies, scones, biscotti and muffins. Each of these sweet treats also come in different variations which make them a pleasure to give and a joy to receive. There are cookies with different fillings such as raspberry, apple, and peanut butter. There are maple walnut cookies, sugar cookies, white chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal raisin cookies and a lot more kinds that will turn everyone into happy cookie monsters who want to eat all the cookies they can find. You can get brownies in many flavors as well such as caramel brownies and chocolate brownies which all children and adults as well will enjoy munching every time.

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Scones are small and usually rounded cake which can either be sweet or savory. You can get the sweet variety in many fruit flavors such as cranberry, blueberry or lemon. They are perfect breakfast feasts. Fresh muffins are also excellent breakfast treats, especially the large, moist and mouth watering ones. You can also enjoy them anytime of the day if you want. Look for chocolate chip muffins, banana-nut muffins or lemon-cranberry muffins which you and your family will surely enjoy. Pizzelles are waffle cookies which originated from Italy. You can get them as soft and chewy or hard can crisp variety. They are usually made using simple ingredients such as flour, sugar, butter and eggs. Many baked goodies store have them in different flavors such as anise, chocolate and vanilla. Biscotti is another great sweet treat of Italian origin. They are a type of cookie which has been baked twice and are available in lemon, cranberry, anise, almond or chocolate flavors. They are best eaten dipped in coffee or dessert wine or served with your favorite ice cream flavor.

cake with strawberries and whipped cream

You can get these baked goodies individually for your self or for your loved ones and enjoy them tremendously. But getting a whole lot of them in a gift basket or in a cookie tray is the best treat of all. You can get them in large or small sizes depending on your needs and the requirements of the occasion. Some baked goodies store prepare them for two or more people and arrange the contents to match any occasion or event for which they are intended such as breakfast gift basket or picnic gift basket. You can order a large holiday tray or a party tray so every guest can enjoy an unforgettable sweet treat. Some special occasions call for traditional gifts such as roses or chocolates for Valentine’s Day. Why not try to surprise your love with a cookie cake or a baked goodies basket next time? She will surely enjoy the unique and sweet delicious treat that is quite different from the other Valentine’s you have celebrated together.

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