How A Knife Block Preserves Your Cutlery

by Steven Jones

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When you see a set of knives displayed either at a fair or on the television, normally they are displayed as some laying on the table and some in a knife block. When you get prices on the item, they give you a price just for the set of knives and then a separate one for the block. If the block is just an accessory, is it really necessary?

At times, accessories can seem like just another way to make a buck off the customer, but in this case it really is going to be a benefit. They are not normally priced in combination with the knife set, but instead are priced alone, so you can mix and match them at your will. There is not a better way to protect your cutlery investment or the sharpness of the blades.

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Knife Block

How does it work? If you’ve ever tried to find a knife in a drawer full of utensils, you will know at once that at the very least it keeps them organized and in one place. Since they are not flying around a drawer loosely and being banged up against other large utensils, then the edges are keeping their sharp blades intact without gouges or bending of the tips. Also, you are keeping them out of the air and less prone to rusting by keeping them inside the slots.There is more than one style as well. Although the most common type is the “bread box” look, you can also find the kind that lays flat. This allows you to keep your knives in a drawer, but they have their own slot, protecting them from damage.

Your kitchen may have a certain look or color as the design theme, and if so, look online for whatever matching wood or color would look best with your kitchen.

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If you can’t find it in your local kitchen store, many times, you will find it on the Internet either through an extension of your local retailer or a specialty Internet store. Sometimes, you can even get a really great price by buying directly from an international online store.Prices can range from approximately $25 and $60 when you purchase a knife block. However, if you have purchased an extremely nice set of knives, then it is possible to pay much more than that. Obviously, if you invest that much into your cutlery, you want to know that it’s going to be protected from damage and rust for as long as possible.

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