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Herbal teas have been around for thousands of years already but its rebirth in the Western world only happened in recent times. In Eastern countries however, the perceived powers of herbal tea has never waned and many Asians view drinking herbal tea as part of their regular routines. Herbal tea remedies come in different varieties and can also come organic. Some teas also have a combination of more than one herb. The thing is that all herbal tea remedies come with their own unique taste and blend

Herbal tea remedies can help you in terms of improving your health. Although herbs have been around for many thousands of years already, it is only recently that they become more popular amongst people who have been using only synthetic drugs before.

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Tips on How to Brew Your Own Herbal Tea

Using Flowers and Leaves – Place the flowers or leaves inside a heated tea pot or jar then slowly pour boiling water. Replace the lid of the pot or jar to keep the mixture from evaporating and leave it untouched for fifteen minutes. Afterwards, uncover the container then strain. Each cup of water would require either 3 tsp. of freshly brewed herbs or 1 tsp. of dried herbs.

Most herbal tea is purchased in the form of a processed tea bag. You can just look in your tea section at your local grocer and be over whelmed at the number of choices that you have. Some people are just looking for tea flavour, while others are looking for herbal remedies.No matter what you are looking for in your herbal tea, it will make your life much easier if you do a little research online before you head out to buy your tea.

Mint is a great herb and its tea is both aromatic and soothing. It is typically made from spearmint or peppermint, just two varieties of the extensive mint family however, there are many new hybrids of mint that can be grown in an herbal tea garden including citrus and chocolate mint plants. If you are using mint in your tea, pluck a small handful of leaves -enough for three teaspoons- from your plant.

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Violets are another beautiful presence in a herbal tea garden. The flowers make an excellent tea which is also healthy and a good source of vitamins A and C. You can let some fresh violets float at the top of the cup for presentation purposes, but the best flavor comes from the dried plant. Violets like the shade and are great for bringing color into your house.

For a weight loss tea, try using senna, or ma huang in a herbal tea recipe (just one or the other, not both). You will get surprising results and each of these herbal teas works in a different way for weight loss. Senna helps improve digestion, and cleans out the digestive tract making it more efficient and helping you to have a better digestive system reducing build up and keeping you regular. Ma huang on the other hand is a chinese herb and is known for speeding up the metabolism and helping you to burn fat.

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