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Baked Ham

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Authentic Country Hams – Dry Cured and Finely Aged

Johnston County Country Hams have a unique, lightly smoked aroma and mellow, lightly salted taste unlike anything else and are a true gourmet delicacy. Our unique flavor is a result of our curing process that is based on the techniques used by America’s early colonists. These techniques involved “salting” the hams and then letting the hams “cure” naturally though seasonal changes in temperature that occurred through the Winter, Spring and Summer, rendering the hams perfectly “cured” for the finest flavor and quality.

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We at Johnston County Hams stay true to these Colonial techniques. Using today’s technology that allows careful control of temperature and humidity we simulate the necessary seasons, speeding up the process a bit only because ideal atmospheric conditions remain constant. Each country ham is first hand rubbed with the “cure”, a blend of primarily salt and sugar. Winter days at just above freezing are necessary to allow salt to penetrate the meat as it draws out moisture. The rising temperature and lowering humidity of spring allow the salt to equalize throughout the meat and the bone. Finally warm summer days allow the ham to age and mellow to its rich characteristic aroma and flavor

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