Blue Mountian Coffee from Precious Provisions

Jamaica Blue Mountain Gourmet Coffee Grade #1

Precious Provisions was started in the late summer of 2001 as the result of a trip to New York City and Brooklyn in which two of our founding members were shown great hospitality and generosity by friends and relatives who were, and are, strong members of the Caribbean community there. Since then, we have received much encouragement from friends and customers alike for our long-term commitment to bring fresh Grade #1 Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee products to this country and the world at fair prices and a fixed shipping cost.

We pride ourselves in not only bringing the freshest and best grade of Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee possible to our customers in the southwestern U.S. and over the web, but also in our relationship with those customers. To us at Precious Provisions Food Imports, providing personalized customer service and maintaining a strong, long-term relationship with our customers, and everyone we do business with is the real bottom line. As such, all of our members at Precious Provisions constantly strive to find ways of bringing a more positive coffee experience to our customers.

In our search to provide our customers the best possible Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee products, we have sought out the best suppliers of the best beans in Jamaica, as well as contracted with several of the most talented roasters of this coffee in Jamaica, the U.S. and Canada. 100% Pure Blue Mountain Jamaican Coffee, Oaxacan Chocolates, Fine Teas and Gifts! Free Shipping on Orders over $99! Click here!

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