Make Dan’s Chocolate Your Choice


* Fresh, hand-made chocolate, delivered directly from Dan’s Chocolates to you.
* Delicate and thin chocolate shells filled with the freshest creams, fruit purees, pure cocoa butter and nuts to create the most flavorful of fillings.
* Bars include 2 each of these unique flavors: Peppy-R-Mint, Orangadu, Caramel River, The Caffeinator, Trail Hound, White Delight, Lot-A-Choc, and PB Eclipse!
* Choose from over 200 unique gift boxes for every occasion, lifestyle or event.
* 1 lb. box includes 36 truffles or 16 1 oz bars.

Product Description

Dan’s Chocolates makes extremely fresh chocolates using a combination of European and American ingredients. Our gourmet truffles feature fresh cream, fruits, and nuts for the most discerning chocolate Each petite truffle has a thin shell surrounding an interior of creamy chocolate or ganache. The designs featured are printed on our box covers.

Fresh Dan’s Chocolates

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